Project management

We accompany the project through feasibility studies that support decision-making processes. The targeted collation of numbers, data, facts can be used on request through a workshop to prepare decision matrices or SWOT analysis.

We organize:
  • project management
  • coordination of the network
  • marketing and external communication
We accompany or take over the procurement of the technologies: you get the right equipment at the best possible time. In addition, we take on the subject of automation to make the processes more efficient.

We consider the full range of possibilities via sensor solutions, intelligent actuators and complex robot systems.
If necessary, we can develop the layout and design of the factories, coordinate and implement the construction of the building including building services.
Depending on the vertical integration,
we clarify the needs for your production with the leading manufacturers of machines, systems and test technology.

Value Creation Network in the PO + EU Variant

Products that seem simple, such as a filtering half mask, can only be manufactured in a value network.
We initiate and implement the appropriate networks for you:
the most suitable
the pilot series
for scaling up production
We deliver FFP2 half masks approved from week 15
based on EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009:

Start of production on 03.04.2020: 500,000 pieces / week (phase ramp-up)
Afterwards upscaling on 4.2 mil. Pcs / week (phase PLV + EU modell)
From winter 2020/21 up to 750,000 pieces per day in the event of a pandemic (long-term model)


Consortium can be active in further countries
Securing short-term needs in the PO model
National emergency reserve production facility
Project NEED-PPE

Core Consortium

Set up of an European supply chain

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