Textile Industry Transformation
To REPURPOSE raw materials, processes, and supply chain interactions to CO2 neutrality and circularity
About Gherzi Germany
Gherzi is the leader in the strategic development and expansion of companies in the textile industry. Gherzi focuses on all stages of the value chain in the global textile industry, from fiber/polymer to finished RMGs. Driven by an engineering mindset, Gherzi works with its customers to transform the textile industry into an ecological, economic, and socially responsible one.

Gherzi Germany is a subsidiary of Gherzi Textil Organisation AG, Zurich, founded in Switzerland in 1929. Gherzi's expertise is based on a holistic understanding of textile value creation and the global supply chain.

The company founder's motto still applies today: 'Born in the turmoil of the First Industrial Revolution, shaped by the global drive of the textile supply chain to focus on the SDG-driven business approach of today's markets and to connect the old economy with the new.’

Our Services

Gherzi supports you to navigate contemporary issues and comprehend their impact on new business models. You can rely on us to identify attractive opportunities and solve a variety of problems.
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility
  • Marketing and Competitive Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Company Audit and Evaluation
  • Value Chain Management
  • Strategic Alliances and Partner Search
  • Textile Sector Studies
  • Restructuring and Turnaround
  • Operational Improvement
Being independent for the last 90 years, we always place the interest of our clients first.
Founded in Switzerland, we continue to bring our hallmark of "Swissness" to our customers, worldwide.

Our Projects

European Blockchain Association
Transforming the textile industry with blockchain technology
On February 6, 2023, Dr. Michael Gebert, Chairman of the European Blockchain Association and Anton Schumann, CEO and Partner Gherzi Germany, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. Going forward, both organisations will work together to bring innovative technologies and management concepts to the textile industry. We spoke with Anton about the challenges for businesses and the transformational potential of blockchain for the industry.
Project MOON
Impulses for transformation through the textile chain
The world revolves around the global mega-trends of "digitalisation" and "sustainability". In order to create jobs and develop innovations, it will be crucial for the German or European textile industry to find and develop new business models, new value creation models and partnerships, both within and outside its industry.
The MOON project sets impulses for an ecological, economical and social economy. MOON will activate desire for the future through transformation.

By order of: Alliance for fibre-based materials (AFBW)
Protection of machinery, equipment and industrial installations for the on & offshore industry
Depending on water quality/temperature, seaweed growth is a global problem for the offshore industry. Plant growth leads to high cleaning and maintenance costs. Due to new environmental laws and sustainability goals of companies, the use of pesticides and weed killers as well as plastic in the field of installations is dispensed with. Basalt Seal is a natural product and ideal solution for use in the mentioned applications.

It is a future technology for the on & offshore industry, protecting machinery, equipment & industrial installations against fouling/biofilms & harsh weather conditions to extend downtimes and maintenance intervals. It is a sustainable product, made from natural, raw, non-toxic material. It has the highest flame retardancy, antimicrobial properties, anti-fungal properties, and more. Basalt Seal has undergone verification/certification with the state owned Textile Research Institute STFI.
HUMBLE-BEE — High performance materials, inspired by nature.
Tackling plastic pollution in textiles with a novel bioplastic.
Humble Bee aims to combat the global crisis of plastic pollution by replacing existing, unsustainable, synthetic plastics with their biomimetic inspired counterpart. In this endeavour, Humble Bee has identified a particular species of solitary bee whose nest-lining material features a novel protein, and are commissioning the drafting of a provisional patent on the novel protein-polymer. Following their research goals, the company hopes to take this revolutionary technology into distribution - targeting the textile market first and extending into other sectors soon after. Gherzi supports young researchers and exciting projects worldwide in the fields of fibers, chemistry, surface production, textile digitalization and other areas. Modern-day challenges faced by the textile industry strengthen developments in the areas of sustainability, circularity and the innovative digital business models of the future.
Another dimension of textile Configuration – ADOTC
Another Dimension Of Textile Configuration: we bring textile production back closer to the customer! ADOTC is a Start-Up in Berlin, Germany that takes on automation and digitization for sewing. The vision is to enable batch size 1 on demand in high-wage countries for textile production – away from long transport routes, overproduction and child labor. ADOTC is offering - flexible low cost automation as a service to increase production capacities – the PS webapp for agile production and securing of expert knowledge – microfactories for the textile production of lot size 1.
Team Gherzi Germany

  • Anton Schumann
    Chemnitz, Germany
    Technical Textiles
    Business model change
    Textile Entrepreneur
  • Sebastiaan van de Loo
    Köln, Germany
    Business development
    Supply Chain Management
    Apparel Supply chain
    Textile Entrepreneur

  • PD Dr.-Ing. Yves-Simon Gloy
    Berlin, Germany
    Automation and Digitalisation
    Smart Tex
    Technical Textiles
    Textile Entrepreneur
    Lecturer at RWTH Aachen University, TU Chemnitz

    Website ADOTC
Associated Partners
  • Christine Fehrenbach
    Frankfurt Rhine-Main, Germany
    Brand Development
    Marketing Communications
    Creative Strategy
    Social Media-Marketing
    Corporate Design, Thinking Design, Holistic Experience, International Network

  • Mag. Lorenz Wied-Baumgartner
    Linz, Austria
    Marketing Strategy
    Lead Generation
    Business Development
    AI Supported Data Insights
  • Bianca Seidel
    Düsseldorf, Germany
    Fashion & Textile
    Supply chain management
    Sozial responsibility measurement
    Eco certificates implementation
    Impact measurement
    Ecodesign / Sustainable Design

  • Klaus-Martin Vesper
    Graz, Austria
    Abrasive Backing Cloth
    Sun Protection
    Coated Textiles
    Yarns, Twists, Braids
    Marketing, Sales, Mediation
  • Marcus Krahl
    Chemnitz, Germany
    Masters Student: Textile Technologies
    B.Sc. (Sports Engineering)
    Technische Universität Chemnitz
Cooperation Partners
  • Urs Konstantin Rouette
    Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany
    Executive Search
    Human Resources Consulting
    Industry Focus:
    Textile, Technical Textiles Industry
    Textile Machinery & Chemistry
    Apparel- & Apparel Supply Industry
    Digital Fashion

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